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      A Warm Gathering on an Early Winter Day| Beijing Symphony Orchestra Concert at Kaiwen Academy





      “Without music life would be a mistake. Symphony is the best of music, which dwells in the sacred hall of music and resides in the broad, far, and deep realm of the spirit.”

      ――Friedrich Nietzsche


      On November 19th, not long after the fabulous performance by Westminster Choir from the US (Westminster Choir | The Gold Standard for Academic Choirs in America), the renowned Beijing Symphony Orchestra presented another fantastic performance to students and their teachers and parents at the Lecture Hall in Beijing Kaiwen Academy. Greeted by an enthusiastic audience, the concert was a big success on a cold winter day.






      ? Beijing Symphony Orchestra??


      Beijing Symphony Orchestra, founded in 1977, is the first Chinese symphony orchestra to partner with EMI, a world-renowned recording studio with a history of over a hundred years, to produce records as well as the Guinness World Record title holder of performing a symphony concert at the highest altitude. It has pioneered the integration of traditional opera with symphony in China.


      A beautiful moment: The Can Can (encore) https://v.qq.com/x/page/k07975ghusn.html?


      Mr. Jiao Feihu, resident conductor, began every performance with a brief introduction to the author, the background, and the artistic expression so that students were able to not only enjoy the beautiful music but also expand their artistic horizon.


      A full list of domestic and foreign classics was presented, such as Carmen (Opera) Overture, Dance of the Yao (Orchestra), the Skaters Waltz, the Military March, ReBa Dance, the Blacksmith Polka, and I Love You China. The music was flowing and the notes falling. Pure and sincere feelings immersed the audience in a world of harmony. The performance was an intoxicating blend of artistic skill and passionate intensity.



      The concert reached its climax when the musicians presented the audience with the classic ‘I Love You China’. Many teachers and students were deeply moved. Some teachers said warmly after the concert, “We hope that these children will always love our motherland, even when they are studying abroad. They should remember that the farther they are away, the more often they should look back to our home county with love and gratitude.’



      ?? The Touching Force of Music ??


      Students of Beijing Kaiwen Academy Orchestra expressed their enjoyment of the performance, saying that it was not only an absolute treat to the ear, but also a supreme delight to the heart and that they were equally impressed by the musicians’ superb skills and the concert’s innovative styles. “The touching force of symphony reached our heart because of this wonderful performance.” “Musicians made bold innovations, incorporated a wide variety of musical styles such as Viennese waltz and folk music, and injected new vitality into classics.”



      In order to better guide, support, and facilitate students’ artistic development, we have invited world-renowned artists and orchestras to perform in Kaiwen. We believe that art education is an important pillar for quality-oriented education which will contribute to their imagination and creativity, sharpen their cognitive and aesthetic perception, facilitate their psychological adaptation, improve their social skills, and complete the growth of their personality.

      Beijing Kaiwen Academy will continue to introduce more fabulous performances to campus and provide a broader stage for students. On December 12th, our students and teachers will stage the Sound of Winter, a fantastic chamber musical concert in the Lecture Hall. Stay tuned!