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      International Arts and Culture Week: The Beauty of Diversity and Connectivity on a Late Autumn Day


      The fantastic International Arts and Culture Week in November presented to students of Chaoyang Kaiwen Academy the diverse cultures of different countries through the microscope of poetry, painting, music, dance, folk costume, and even food. In this eye-opening cultural carnival, our children saw the beauty of the harmonious coexistence of different cultures and learnt the value of respect and tolerance.

      Along the corridor, children were painting on the ground alongside their British principal;

      On campus, impromptu guitar performances held the gaze of music fans;

      In the lobby of the classroom building, people were staging K-Pop Flashmob under the guidance of Korean American teachers;

      Through morning broadcasts, foreign teachers brought us to the blue Caribbean area and the pink Cuba with their selected poems;

      On the playground, the Parade of Nations showcased exotic costumes, unique customs, and our shared love for our country, our nation, and our culture.

      On the playground, the rich national characteristics and exotic customs of the Parade of Nations let us see and experience the identity and love of people from different countries and with different skin colors for their own national culture.

      The Parade of Nations, the most expected highlight of the Arts and Culture Week, featured 14 brightly dressed teams representing 14 countries including China, the UK, and the USA, etc. Beaming in their national and ethnic costumes, teachers, students, and parents staged a fabulous fashion show for the audience.

      CKWA Parents

      More videos on fabulous moments are now available.

      VIDEO LINK:https://v.qq.com/x/page/f0797sshyuo.html?

      The Big Draw lasted a whole day and numerous teachers, students, and more than 100 parents took part in it. With passion, imagination, and a small brush, we painted the colorful world around us. It was a song for arts, and for CKWA.

      Students painting on the ground

      The painting principal: An instant hit on WeChat Moments

      Teachers painting on the ground

      Is it fun to play tricks? Don’t wreck the fruit of your schoolmates! Is the goddess wearing a mailman’s hat?

      Ms. Kim, our Korean American teacher, taught girl band dances after school (ASA). During the Arts and Culture Week, they presented their new dance, the K-Pop Flashmob, which instantly turned a large number of viewers into loyal fans.

      ↑Kaiwen’s Flashmob Girl Band

      Who can dance better?

      Loyal fans

      This week is also the International Food Festival. This 10th-grade street singer planned to sing only two songs before hurrying for his sushi and curry. However, the audience was enthusiastic and continued to demand additional performances. He decided to stay and sing more songs.

      At 8:10 every morning during the Arts and Culture Week, our radio station would broadcast poems read by our foreign teachers. Gentle and warm, their voice conveyed the poets’ deepest love for their motherland. Please enjoy with us Island Man, by South American poet Grace Nichols Guyana.

      ↑High school teachers Melanie Jospeh and Lauren Toner were reading.

      With the poem lingering in the air, we have to say goodbye for now. The world is a big community. We hope that through this event, our students will become more interested in and attentive to this world, show more tolerance and respect for other cultures, develop cross-cultural visions, ways of thinking, and values, and grow up to become excellent global citizens.